Gamma Iota Sigma Members – The FM/2 Live Online Intensive Prep Class Being Offered on October 17th & 18th

"The two day extensive tutoring course for the FM exam was extremely helpful, as I did pass shortly after. I am working towards passing exam P . Are there any similar tutoring courses for the P exam?” -Connor M.

Dear Dr. Seward:

We will greatly appreciate it if you will communicate the FM/2 Live Online Two-Day Intensive Prep Class scheduled for October 17th & 18th to students at your school sitting for the exam. We are very confident that those individuals who sign up for this class will find it to be an invaluable exam preparation resource, and improve their chances of passing the FM/2 exam.

The FM/2 Live Online Two-Day Intensive Prep Class Offers Students:

a. The teaching of valuable strategies, techniques, methods, and shortcuts for improving the approach and direction in attacking and solving a wide range of FM/2 problems in a much more effective and efficient manner.

b. The review of specific syllabus topics which most students generally find difficult to master.

c. A live interactive learning environment in which students are encouraged to ask questions of the instructor.

d. All students will receive a full video recording of the two day class following its conclusion.

In the more than three years that we have been offering this class, we have received tremendous feedback from past students who have communicated to us how valuable the class was in raising their level of problem solving ability which significantly contributed to them passing the exam.

For more Information and to Register for the FM/2 Intensive Prep Class, please click one of the 3 options below:

1. The Actuarial Bookstore @

2. @

3. Actex Publications @

If you have any questions regarding the class, please do not hesitate to call us @ 1-855-SOA-EXAM or (212) 874-4105 or email us at info..

Yours truly,

Howard M. Heller
(212) 874-4105

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