RIMS Conference Award & Scholarship Deadline Information

This is just a reminder about the DFW RIMS 2012 Annual RIMS Conference Award application deadline, which is November 30th. The RIMS conference will be held in Los Angeles, California on April 21-24, 2013.

Conference Award – Due 11/30/2012. Conference fees and travel costs to attend the 2012 national RIMS conference will be awarded to a student in the field of Risk Management and Insurance. More information regarding the award is included on the attached application. Additional information on the conference may be found at www.rims.org.

Students should also be aware of the scholarships offered by the Spencer Educational Foundation. One is a DFW RIMS scholarship that is offered to Texas residents. For further information on these scholarships, please visit the Spencer website at www.spencered.org. The deadline on these applications is 01/31/2013. The new one should be available on the Spencer Educational Foundation website this month.

For any questions contact Kaylan or Kelsey at Kaylan_ hearne or Kelsey_carpenter.

2012 RIMS student annual conference award application.doc

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